how you can get powered on.

When the doors open...when the first guest arrives...when the lights go up... how do you make sure that you and your team are powered on? 

Answer? You study, promote and activate each of the 100 proven POWER ON PRINCIPLES for success!

Here are a few examples...


A DESIGNED GUEST EXPERIENCE is a written script that describes how each 'service moment' should occur! The more detailed - the easier to train your staff! Understanding your 'Guest Profile' helps you make each service moment fit the expectations of your guests.  Here is an example of a DESIGNED GUEST EXPERIENCE for a wedding at a Country Club! 

As the guests enter the driveway, they will see the polished brass sign indicating that everyone is welcome; this sets the tone for the remainder of their visit. The red maples line the driveway and since the signage is very clear, guests will know immediately where to park.  As they walk up to the clubhouse entrance, they will hear light jazz music and will receive a "Good Afternoon and welcome" greeting from the reception staff.  The front doors will automatically open, as one of the attentive wedding coordinators is already waiting to greet the guests.  Professionally dressed, and with a visible name tag, she is quick to direct the guests to the appropriate banquet room. She will provide assistance if necessary to the elevators or other facilities.  Always smiling and friendly, the wedding coordinator is often the first team member that the guests encounter.

Once the guests enter the banquet room, they are once again greeted with light jazz music. Candle light is glowing and the impressive stone fireplace emits a romantic glow.  They may approach the bar, where a friendly, knowledgeable bartender is ready to prepare the beverage of their choice. The views from the patio are spectacular and the patio is clean and tidy.

As the room begins to fill with guests, they notice the subtle presence of the management team, who quietly confirm the plans with the Master of Ceremonies and the DJ. As the guests begin to take their seats, the service staff will place baskets of fresh dinner rolls and assorted breads on the tables. Each place setting has a tall cool glass of ice water. The banquet servers are all professionally dressed in black pants and shoes, white dress shirt, with a dark vest and bowtie. Once again, name tags are clearly visible and the guests soon realize that their server is always near by ready to obtain whatever the guests may need, whether it is a high chair or an extra napkin. (this story continues....)



No matter what business you are in... if you are in the service business... your customers want to be engaged and entertained!  This can be as simple as a warm greeting at the front door with the sales clerk remembering your name, to surprising your loyal customers with annual birthday cards that include a $5 coupon to their favorite coffee house. It might include hosting a once in a lifetime event - with clowns and Ferrari's and cheesecake lollipops on a stick!  Or... for some businesses, it might be as simple as remembering to unlock both of your front doors (cause we all know how welcoming it is when as a customer we try to open the door to your business and one side is locked! BTW - This is my #1 pet peeve!).

Every business needs to identify those opportunities that can create memorable moments.  Show your customers how you are unique from your competitors and committed to building their loyalty.  Some opportunities include...

-        How you answer the phone

-        Magazines in your washrooms

-        Hang tags

-        Advertising

-        Phraseology

-        Events

-        Uniforms

-        And hundreds more!    



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