Our Repertoire

We offer consulting, speaking and coaching services to power your people and help you become a leader in your market.

We do so by focusing on four areas critical to a successful service-based organization -             your strategy, your brand, your people and your customer service.

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What we do for your strategy

Facility assessment                       

With our 20 plus years of experience working in the service industry we will quickly assess your business, identifying with you those key areas that will produce the best results in the least amount of time.

Strategic Planning 

Once we identify your objectives we will work with you to create a comprehensive and effective strategy for achieving these objectives.  This strategy might be anything from one week to ten years, but it will be a plan that will help you get to your goal.

Success Systems          

For people to be successful they need clarity, tools and support.  We will help you implement proven systems that will ensure success and powerful results.

What we do for your brand


Who are you? Who do your customers think you are? Who do you want to be?  We will help you answer these very important questions because your brand is the most important tool you have.


How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?  What is your unique story and how does that entice your customers? We will help you establish and strengthen your brand so that you can be a leader in your marketplace.


Do your materials match your brand? Does your staff?  Do they deliver an experience that matches the expectations established by your promise?  We help you implement systems and process that will increase the value of your brand, and ultimately, increase your business success.


Staff Assessment & Recruitment

We will evaluate the performance of your team and your team members and if needed, find you people that are skilled for the job, passionate about service and most importantly, powered on!

Motivation & Coaching

We help your people get POWERED ON with one-hour keynote sessions to full-day workshops to weekly and monthly coaching calls.

Systems & Training

We work with you to design, implement and measure your training programs so that what you need to happen... happens everyday.  

What we do for your customer service

Identify Your Guests

Where do your customers come from? What do they want? How do they want it?  In today's competitive marketplace, consumer's demands are changing and increasing everyday.  We help you identify your customer profile so that you can design service that best fits their needs and expectations.

Design Guest Experiences

How come you can't get it right all the time? Do you have a script so that everyone knows what to say and where to be when? We help you write a 'designed guest experience' so that 'every' customer gets your 'business best 'every time they visit!

Deliver Block Buster Service

Just like great movies, great service doesn't just happen. You need a great script! You need to hire the right actors for the right parts! You need great leadership from the right director! And mostly, you need to identify those opportunities where you can deliver powerful service moments that will WOW your audience!  We will help you and your team deliver OSCAR winning performances.

What we guarantee

We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with our services or your money back. In the service industry this is called a no-brainer and we apply this satisfaction guarantee to our services just as we encourage our clients to apply it to theirs.