Golf rounds are flat and declining across the industry in Canada and around the world.  While aging boomers bode well for the industry, the positive outlook will be undermined by the following factors:

  • Golf is not a popular sport among Canada’s growing ethnic population (there’s a reason people think golf is played by pudgy middle-aged white men… it is!) 
  • Hand-held games such as DS, PS3 and Wii are creating a generation of kids who will develop carpel tunnel syndrome long before golfers' elbow.
  • Fewer people have the time to indulge in a game that can take 6 hours to complete.     
  • With $200 green fees and $600 drivers, golf continues to be perceived as an expensive activity to non-golfers.

In addition, golf course owners and operators face the following issues:

  • Fewer juniors are playing golf (especially boys)
  • Competitors can make it tough to stay out of the discounting game
  • Expenses are rising, including wages, safety and security costs
  • Governmental regulations, such as liquor issues, pesticide usage and water restrictions are impacting operations

Private clubs face further challenges: often a decline in waiting lists; the challenge of blending new members into an established core; the accessibility of weekend tee sheets at public courses; and lastly, the elevated service expectations that are difficult to fulfill.   

To be successful, new and established public and private golf courses must lure customers from their competition.  They also must also distinguish themselves by delivering better experiences and greater value than their competitors, as well as other entertainment options.

Finally, the most significant challenge facing this 13 billion dollar industry is the fact that most people think of golf as a game first and a business second. It needs to be the other around.

Unfortunately, many golf operators lack the resources, time and sometimes the expertise that should be dedicated to marketing, sales and service. In a business that is highly impacted by people and weather, and where margins are low, it is often difficult to recognize the value of investing in these non-tangible efforts.    


In addition to powering your people with COACHING and MOTIVATION and CONSULTING, we can help you grow your business by increasing your market share.  By improving your customer experience and implementing best practices in yield management, targeted marketing and new golfer programs, we can help you increase your bottom line.  

In addition, we offer the following services and solutions for new and established golf properties:


  • Branding & Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • HR Development
  • Customer Service Development
  • Facility Assessment
  • People Assessment
  • Sales Development and Training
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Integration of Golf, Real Estate and Resort Planning
  • Clubhouse & Menu Planning
  • Membership and Loyalty Programming
  • Real Estate Exit Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning & Delivery 



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