Today's businesses face a number of challenges:

  • Customer's expectations are rising while their loyalty is declining.
  • The cost of doing business, and in particular, labour costs, are increasing.
  • Motivating and aligning employees with the company's objectives is getting more difficult as today's employees are motivated by new and non-traditional means.

We assist organizations like yours to grow your business and become a market leader. To achieve this we believe you need a very clear and identifiable 'brand', then a 'designed customer service system' and finally, an effective 'employee program'. Together, these will POWER ON your business.

Each consultant project that we take on begins with a no-obligation assessment session that identifies what you need. From there we will provide you with our recommendations on how you should go forward to achieve your goals.

If you have customers, employees and room for improvement, book a free assessment call to see how we can help.


XYZ Resort has a problem!

They recently completed their golf course, clubhouse and amenities – which are all fantastic.  In addition, they have spent ‘lots of money’ to brand their property to meet the expectations of their customers.  Finally, they sold eight lots in the last quarter of 2009. So, what’s the problem?  To start, their golf course is tougher than Augusta.  Second, the customers who are playing there are not the rich tourists they were hoping for, but instead locals who are playing twilight and any other discounted rates that are available. Finally, of the eight lots they sold, four haven’t closed and they still have sixteen lots left in Phase One of a four-phase development. This is a problem!  Cronk Group is helping this Resort work thru these challenges in following ways;

  • We are helping them re-define their product offerings and pricing to better meet the needs of their NEW customers.
  • We are working with their management team to reduce costs and seek new streams of operational revenue.
  • We have embarked on creating a new strategic plan to assist the ownership group in identifying ways for lead generation, expense reductions and possible sale scenarios.

So far we have made great progress and the ownership group is confident that they will weather the storm.

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Successful businesses all have one thing in common - great leadership. That said, even great leaders can have difficulty sharing their vision and messages with their team.  That’s when it helps to have others come in and deliver it for them.

We coach our clients to become more creative, improve their strategic thinking, improve their presentation skills, build better business relationships, become better leaders and ultimately, achieve greater personal success.

We work with our clients to develop specific objectives, processes and measurements based on the desired objectives. Some areas of focus include:

  • Developing new systems for management practices
  • Developing new ways to communicate
  • Exploring new ways to build relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, etc
  • Finding creative ways to get focused on service and customer engagement
  • Developing new ways to create employee ‘performances’

1-to-1 coaching, talk once a week for an hour. On-going month to month.


Henry was a senior manager at a golf club in Ontario...

Henry had many talents – his business acumen was second to none, he remembers names with the best of them and he can merchandise a shirt so that it sells itself!  Henry had one BIG challenge however… he was the manager of 23 employees and he was lacking in ‘leadership charisma’. Henry needed some tools to bring out his talents. His department was suffering because he couldn’t get his team to do many of the things he needed them to do. So, at his boss’s suggestion, Henry and I established some clear LEADERSHIP objectives we wanted him to achieve.  We then developed five strategies for achieving those objectives. A few of these strategies included Henry stepping outside his comfort zone, but in the end, his ability to adapt, and having a clear plan, enabled him to achieve his objectives.  One thing is certain, at the end of Henry’s twelve coaching sessions he is now POWERED ON for success and he is able to motivate and manage his team better, which has resulted in business improvements and most importantly, a satisfied boss.

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