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When the doors open...when the first guest arrives...when the lights go up... how do you make sure that you and your team are powered on?


You implement and activate each of the 100 proven and successful
POWER ON Principles. 

In this issue -

The Five Basics of Great Customer Service

"I will be right with you right after I update my facebook page"
When is the last time you had fantastic service?
Yesterday? Last month? Five years ago?

If you are like most people on the planet, your expectations are increasing at the same rate as your frustration level with today's quality of service!  Service staff are less engaged, less motivated and less likely to put down their IPhone to greet you with a smile.  You will likely get better service from your laptop than your agent when you book a vacation. 

If your team has lost its winning momentum, it might be time to go back to CS school and remember the five basics to great customer service!

How we greet our customer by name and welcome the customer to our establishment is the first step for success. A warm and genuine smile, good posture and if the opportunity arises, a firm handshake.  A greeting that says "Welcome and thank you for coming in... we have been waiting for you"

How we clarify the customer request is critical to delivering what they want.  Have we determined exactly their needs, offered up-selling options and clarified that 'what we think they want' is actually 'what they are asking for'?

How we communicate the time it will take to satisfy their needs, and what we do if we can’t. In today's time-stressed environment people want to know 'when' before they are told 'how'. By letting people know when we will deliver the goods we will reduce customer stress significantly.

How do we ensure they are satisfied and that we have met their needs, and what steps do we take if we haven’t?  Have we asked the probing questions and really given them a chance to respond honestly, or are we just going thru the motions to get them out the door?  Are we resolving complaints and finding ways to turn 'chicken littles' into 'soaring eagles'?

Just like a great greeting, how we thank the customer for their patronage and invite them back again soon is the most important opportunity to create loyalty and to have customers celebrate our business instead of berate it! 

If you do just one thing well... make sure they leave happy!

Need Help?
If you need help getting your people plugged in, give us a call.  We will help you power on your people and we guarantee your return on investment within twelve months.

If you aren't already...then you know it's coming...You...and many of your team...will likely be exhausted, stressed and wondering how come it's already July...So, to keep your team motivated and powered on throughout the busy summer season, try implementing some simple and inexpensive tools such as...

Share with your team a successful sale, or a positive guest comment, or an important upcoming event.. and be hip by using twitter and facebook or schedule-fly
Have your staff committee (you have one right?) organize an off-site, casual and booze-free event for all team members to join in
Arrange for your food vendor to show up one day with free ice cream for everyone... better yet, you hand them out!
Run a contest asking for the best idea to generate new revenues or reduce expenses. The winner becomes 'boss for the day' and, not surprisingly, comes in at 11am, parks by the front door, takes a long lunch, makes a few calls and then heads out for a round of golf. 
Just like your typical day right?

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Cardinal Golf Club
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Sunningdale Golf Club
London, ON
Canadian Golf Club
Ottawa, ON
Heatherglen Golf Club
Calgary, AB

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