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When the doors open...when the first guest arrives...when the lights go up... how do you make sure that you and your team are powered on? Answer....
You implement and activate each of the 100 proven and successful
POWER ON Principles. 

In this issue -


Do your people have a clear vision of what your business is about, who are your customers and what do they want, and how they as employees can help the business succeed, both in the quality of the customer experience and in achieving fiscal objectives? 

If not, then how can you expect them to be charged up about coming to work? Why should they care if you don't care enough to make them a true partner?

Here are some tools that we need, as well as some very important questions that we need to answer, if we want our people to be plugged in!


Mission Statement

Your elevator speech that describes the essence of your business, your purpose and your plans for taking over the world.
Guest Profiles
Who are your customers, where are they from, what do they want... and how can we treat each of them as individuals with specific needs, instead of one huge collection of moaning and annoying complainers (the ones we  usually just hear from)
Product Profiles
What are the numerous products that we have, what are there unique features and benefits and how do our products match the needs and wants of our customers? How come our customers want a Chateau Rothschild Lafite and our best option is Baby Duck?


Facility Goals

What are your business goals for 2011? How will you measure success? Better service? More profits? Not going bankrupt? Whatever your objectives, they need to be measurable, written down and communicated to your team... otherwise, while you are steering the ship north your people may be rowing south!
Department Goals
Each department needs to have detailed goals that support the overall vision for the business. While facility goals might be reviewed with the entire team once per year, department goals should be reviewed and adjusted on a weekly and monthly basis.  It's useless if the star player scores a hat trick but the team still loses the game.
Personal Goals
Everyone has goals! Some of us want to end world hunger, while others just want to get the kids to school on time.  Our job as leaders is to ask, remember, support and reward the personal goals of each of our teammates. If we can't make them rich, let's at least make them wealthy in spirit.  



People won't be plugged in if you are not.  If you talk the walk but drive to work and park in a special parking space that has your job title on it, you may find your team more willing to scratch your car door than open it for you. We all want and need to have mentors that lead us to battle and ultimately, to victory.
If you want people to follow you, they need to trust that you have their interests at heart and that you will not lead them over the proverbial cliff!  Trust is earned from honesty, consistency and from being right more often than being wrong. If you tag line is 'do as I say but not as I do', good luck getting your team powered up!
If I don't know what to do, how to do it, what I get if I do it or what happens if I don't... then why should I do it?
(BTW... The key to good communication is to keep it simple)

Need Help?
If you need help getting your people plugged in, give us a call.  We will help you power on your people and we guarantee your return on investment within twelve months.


Some people are naturally powered on, and some people have to work really hard at it!  Take a close look at your management team and see if they possess these qualities...

Goals that are -
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timeline

They look at their strengths and think of all the reasons things can be done
They understand failure happens and they learn from it and move on
They understand that where they are is where they really want to be and that they can control the outcome
They are honest with themselves and with others
They make decisions, take action and accept the consequences

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Sometimes we all can use expert advice from our peers, so to help best serve our clients we offer a collection of dedicated and talented individuals and companies who are experts in their fields.

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